Frequently Asked Questions

More often than not, there will be 2 people cleaning your home. We don’t send larger teams because this would be inefficient for us and bad for you, our customer. In some circumstances, such as a first time cleanings or move out cleanings, larger teams make sense. But the general rule is one or two people cleaning a home.

We try our best to assign homes that our cleaners are already familiar with. However, in the real world, sometimes our cleaners call in sick or a drastic change in the schedule takes place, and this results in situations where different cleaners come over. But do not worry about this. All of our cleaners go through a comprehensive training program and management informs them of the particular instructions you set aside.

The majority, probably 90% of them, have provided us with a copy of their keys. We store these keys in a locked box at the end of each workday. Customers prefer this method because they don’t need to be at home to let us in. The other customers are either home when we arrive or they have a secret place where they hide the keys for us.

Our cleaners are very careful about their work. But they are human and so it does happen every now and again. So if your home is one of the few where an accident takes place, we promise to do everything we can to fix it. However, we do ask that you notify us within 24 hours of the cleaning date.

Everyone loves to get recognition for a job well done. So if you feel like a cleaner went above and beyond, then we would encourage you to leave a tip. But don’t feel obligated to as this is not something our cleaners have come to expect. We are proud to say that our cleaners have an average tenure of about 5 years. They wouldn’t have stuck around this long if they weren’t happy with their wages and benefits.

However, at around Christmas time, it has become common for customers to leave a small cash gift for their cleaner(s). Again, participation is not mandatory, but cleaners have come to sort of expecting it at this point. Management takes no part in this.